During its 81-year history, AHEPA has grown its membership benefits and today offers a comprehensive group of services and resources for its members. AHEPA is proud to team with key Affinity Partners, offering AHEPA members beneficial discounts on good and services that increase the value of membership. Some of those benefits include:

First USA Visa

      First USA offers the official AHEPA Visa Card

Cartan Tours

With over 100 years of experience in the travel industry, Cartan Tours offer unrivalled expertise in handling any type of travel program. Cartanís travel services includes group, individual, sports, special events, and cultural planning services. You can visit Cartanís special AHEPA web site at www.cartan.com/ahepa


      Telcorp International has partnered with AHEPA to develop a program that gives  members the best long distance rates possible. Call Greece for 7.9 cents per minute. And/or rates as low as 3.9 cents per minute.

 HG Insurance Services

      Products offered to AHEPA members include long-term care insurance with a ten percent discount, term life insurance with on-line quotes, life insurance for business and estate planning, identity theft protection, a health savings card and more.

       In addition to these tangible benefits, AHEPA members enjoy the fellowship that comes with working together for shared goals. For a membership application, please contact MIke Geronimakis at his email address-- mgeronimakis [at] aol.com