Supper Committee

Please see your personal (emailed) copy of the latest ChapterGram or your personal (emailed) copy of the Supper Committee schedule for persons assigned to the food committee for each month of this year. Phone numbers are not posted here.


Duties and Obligations of the Supper Committee

Furnish Food for 30 Members for the meal. Furnish snacks of potato chips, pretzels, nachos and dip, coke and or diet coke, chasers of ginger ale, soda water, etc. and one-half case of regular beer and one-half case of ight, cold beer.

The chapter will furnish liquor, wine etc. The chapter also furnishes the compartment plates, napkins, forks, knives and spoons.

The phone numbers are for your convenience in contacting the Supper Committee Chairman to ask what each member can do to help with the Supper Committee.